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" Wild Life Association Turkey "

Wildlife Association has been founded on 3 March 2008 by 8 volunteers with the purpose of protection of nature, natural resources and animals by using educative activities, research and implementing projects.

To reach its goals, the association works on making people better acquainted with human-nature relations, and to help people appreciate it, to raise awareness for the need of protecting wild animals that are a vital part of nature, to reintroduce captive wild animals back to nature, attract the attention of the general public to nature’s problems, protecting animals in general, to build and run shelters for animals in need of care and to enlarge natural habitat areas.

Due to changing conditions in our country and the increase in hardship in human nature relations many wild animal cubs fall into human hands. These cubs either die quickly or live in miserable conditions. Awareness of one’s responsibilities forces one to take necessary precautions to allow these animals to live where ever it is suitable for them to live. Anatolia being a land with a peerless natural variety has been deprived of a rehabilitation center where captive animals can be reintroduced to nature. In order to meet this need and to preserve a designated natural landscape in North East Anatolia, with the backing of governing authorities, our Association is working on the Anatolian Wildlife Protection and Animal Rehabilitation Center Project. The official procedures are in progress. We believe this center will cater to a great need.

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